Visiting BHA

Visitor Guidelines

We warmly welcome you to our school and invite you to explore our classrooms by obtaining a visitor’s pass from the office. While appointments are not mandatory, they can be arranged for more extended visits.
Visits are generally limited to 30 minutes, unless a more extended visit has been previously arranged with the teacher and Principal.
Your cooperation is highly valued as we work together to maintain a positive and enriching learning atmosphere for our students.
To ensure a smooth and focused learning environment, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines during your visit:
Please obtain a visitor’s pass from the office before entering classrooms.
Avoid interrupting ongoing classes or lessons.
Schedule any discussions with teachers through the office to ensure a dedicated and focused conversation.
For security reasons, kindly label and leave lunches, eyeglasses, or other personal items in the office.
We recommend not bringing small children during classroom visits.
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