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Bright Horizon Academy (BHA), formerly known as the Islamic School of San Diego, has been a beacon of educational excellence since 1992. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are proud to serve 300+ students across two campuses, with a dedicated team of 40+ teachers and administrators.

As San Diego’s first and only Pre-K to 12th grade accredited Islamic school, we are committed to providing an academically rigorous education, rooted in Islamic values, to our students. Our mission is to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills in our students. We envision graduates who integrate Islam into their daily lives, become self-motivated learners and are ready for lives of leadership and contribute positively in service to their community.

Our qualified, dedicated and talented faculty and staff are committed and privileged to serve our students reach their full potential. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of visionary parents, donors, well-wishers, alumni and friends who support the school.

Join us at Bright Horizon Academy, where education goes beyond textbooks, and every student is empowered to shape a brighter future!


Bright Horizon Academy’s mission is to cultivate practicing Muslim leaders and lifelong learners dedicated to positive contributions in their community and the global society.


Bright Horizon Academy aims to be a premier Islamic educational institute, cultivating successful leaders for this life and the Hereafter. Through inclusive learning and collaboration with all stakeholders, we inspire students to contribute positively to humanity and the global environment.

Educational Philosophy

An Islamic school is an essential part of the Muslim community. Islamic schooling assists parents in their efforts to preserve and develop the Islamic identity of Muslim children growing up in America. Islamic education provides children with the chance to learn the basic concepts, values, and ethics of Islam, which provides a foundation for all other human knowledge and science. By providing an integrated religious and academic education, the school will help each student work towards developing into a balanced Muslim individual, using the guidance of Islam to live their life.

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