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State law requires that all students under the age of 18 years be immunized against certain diseases. At the time of enrollment or reenrollment, the school is required to have proof that your child has received all currently due immunizations. BHA participates in the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry (SDIR), a county-wide computer system that keeps track of immunizations (shots). Immunizations required for school attendance can be found on the “Parents’ Guide to Immunizations”. Check with your pediatrician, family physician or medical clinic to ensure your child is fully immunized. Please Note: Your child may be excluded from attending school if these requirements are not met.

California’s Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program mandates that every child have a physical examination before entering school in kindergarten or first grade. The examination may be completed up to 18 months prior to the start of first grade. Parents/guardians are required to present a report of examination to the school within 91 days of entry to first grade.