Student Supply List & Uniform Policy

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

We hope you and your family are enjoying the summer vacation insha’Allah. For those who like to plan in advance, we have this year’s Student Supply List and Uniform Policy attached, so you can purchase any required items during the summer.

For those who are new, the Student Supply List is created by your child’s respective teachers to ensure your child’s readiness for the upcoming academic year. Each section is broken down by grade level, so please purchase the items listed under your child’s grade.

The Uniform Policy is also attached. Please take a look at the new Hot Weather Accommodations for girls. It was brought to our attention that the layers of clothing for girls were problematic on hotter days, so we have added optional uniforms for girls to better accommodate them on those hotter days (78+ degrees). This new set of Polo Dresses will reduce the layers and allow them to learn comfortably insha’Allah. Our amazing PTO has identified a few stylish and affordable options. Please select white, burgundy, light blue, and/or navy blue options only.

Hot Weather Polo Dresses Links (Please Click to See Options):


The Children’s Place-

Lands’ End-,48354

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Student Supply List 23′-24′.pdf

BHA Elementary Uniform Policy 23′-24′.pdf

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