Priority Re-enrollment Now Open!

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Assalamualaikum Dear BHA Families,

We would like to announce that it is time for Priority Enrollment!!!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to enroll your child(ren) for next year before we open admission to the community! Don’t miss the due date of April 8th; we do not want your child to lose his/her seat.

To enroll your child(ren) online, please use this link:

If you prefer to fill out the Re-enrollment Packet by hand, you may also print out the packet attached to this email or pick up a copy from the school office. If you wish to submit it electronically, please email the completed packet to: for elementary students OR for middle and high school students
If you have children enrolling in both campuses, you may fill out one form and send it to either or both emails above.

Our resource fee for each returning student is $250.00 for full-time TK through 12th gradeand $150 for part-time TK. This fee will cover textbooks, standardized testing, and other instructional materials.

Once your enrollment packet has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to pay the resource fee through your current ACH bank account. The fee may also be paid in person at the office.

Remember the deadline for Priority Enrollment is Friday, April 8th insha’Allah.

More details and information is available on our website:

Thank you for your support! May Allah SWT guide us and multiply our blessings. Aameen!

Jazak Allahu Khairun,
BHA Administration
2022-2023 BHA Enrollment Packet.pdf

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