Masks Update – Optional for staff and students in school

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Assalamu’alaikum Dear Families,

Based on San Diego County of Education guidelines, students and staff are highly encouraged but no longer mandated to wear a mask at school. All other COVID-19 mitigation strategies, policies and safety precautions remain in place.

As a school community, it is important to keep in mind the unique feelings and circumstances of each individual in their choice to continue wearing a mask or not. We fully support the decision of all students, families, and staff. Harassment or bullying of anyone based on this personal choice will not be tolerated.

BHA encourages each of our families to have a conversation with their children about respecting differences in others, including the difference of opinion, and our ability as humans to be kind and respect each other in spite of those differences.

AG campus: Masks will be optional indoors and outdoors.

CC: Masks will be optional within classrooms but will be mandatory to enter, and in shared spaces (multipurpose room, hallways, Musallah) in order to respect the ICSD mask policy.

Test at home before returning from Spring break:
Students are required to use the Covid home testing kit provided by the school to test on Friday, and then again Monday morning. Email if any of those tests are positive and stay home till you hear from us.

It is very important to continue to self-monitor for symptoms and stay home if feeling unwell. Please email us if you need a testing kit or need to be tested at school.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation with the changing policies and guidelines.

Jazakum Allahu khairan.
BHA Administration

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