In-Person Learning Update

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Assalamu ‘alaikum Parents,

We are all set to reopen Clairemont Campus tomorrow (Monday 1/24). If you joined our Hodu PCR Testing station on Saturday, we have already received your results and your child(ren) are cleared to return (unless they were positive). If you went to a different clinic, please send your results to so we can update our files. If you have yet to take a PCR test, we will have a station setup Monday morning to test your child(ren). After they test, you will need to take them back home until their results arrive (which is usually after 8hrs). Please register beforehand if you wish to test Monday morning.

Registration Link:
Testing will occur between 8:30am-9:30am on Monday morning insha’Allah.

Over the past month, we have made changes at BHA to ensure the health and well-being of our community. We invited an expert to inspect our campus in order to made recommendations to better ventilate our facilities. We have added 15 HEPA filters to classrooms and offices. We have also installed 4 industrial HEPA filters for larger shared spaces throughout the masjid. We have partnered with Hodu for on-site PCR testing and we have created a committee of board members, admin, and medical staff to deal with on-going COVID-related issues. We feel we have taken the necessary actions to minimize the spread of the virus, and we hope to remain open until the end of the academic year insha’Allah. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation during these last two months. We have really appreciated the support from our great community mashaAllah.


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