Coffee with the Admin & PTO Slides

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

Thank you for all who attended the meeting, we really appreciate your support. We understand that many other parents wanted to join as well, but couldn’t for various reasons. So I would like to share the presentation slides to keep everyone in the loop insha’Allah. The slides were discussed in detail but the main points are still there. Feel free to speak with me about any topic you want more clarity on insha’Allah, my door is always open.

We want to create a very strong PTO this year. Parent and community involvement really make this school feel like a second home to our students. We encourage you to join and share your creative ideas, and we hope to help you turn those initiatives into realities. Below is the link to join the PTO. We hope to work with you in the near future insha’Allah.

PTO Signup Link:


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