BHA PTO: Home Room Parent Designation

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Asalamu alaikum Parents,

*Home Room Parent Designation*

We’re gearing up for an exciting new year, inshaAllah. The beginning of the year sets the tone as there is a lot of important communication not to be missed and the role of a designated Home Room Parent (HRP) volunteer on each grade level helps facilitate communications and planning efforts between other parents of the class, teachers, PTO and school.

The Home Room WhatsApp Group led by the Home Room Parent is exclusive for parents and teachers of the students enrolled in that particular grade. Participation of each parent in the class, however, is not required as each parent per school guidelines also has direct access to the teachers of their class.
The expectations of the HRP may vary slightly between grade levels to meet the needs of each class. For the most part it will include coordinating classroom events, field trips, send communication reminders, organize volunteer events for that class and other such miscellaneous tasks the teacher may request.

As they say it takes a village, so we’re hoping you’ll jump in and help out in a way that’s best for you and for your class. After new and existing parents have inshaAllah met this first week, please take a moment to come together and designate who will be your class HRP. It is customary to give a chance to all parents that want to volunteer for this position every year, so please ensure that an opportunity is presented to a new parent each year and the parents reach a consensus. Since this position is a collaborative effort with the school, the PTO guidelines recommend the parent will not also be a staff member so as to increase the collaborative effort. However, if there is no other parent volunteer in the class, then it is appreciated to take on this role nevertheless.
Some classes may choose to have up to two HRPs to assist each other; but PTO guidelines do not recommend more than two HRPs in a grade level. To also allow more volunteer pool at level or classes; PTO guidelines also recommend a parent to choose one class to volunteer in for their child as HRP in the school.

*Lastly, we want to thank each parent for your time and efforts dedicated to participate in enhancing the experience of your child at BHA. PTO is here to connect with you in all ways to encourage this effort.*

Please inform PTO of the volunteer parent that has been designated as HRP in your class within a week inshaAllah.

May Allah accept our time and effort for His sake.

Jazakum Allah khair;

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