BHA Opening Update – BOE

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Assalam Alaikum,

We are excited to welcome our students on Monday 8/30/2021 InshaAllah. It is with Allah’s help that we have been able to make immense progress in the last two weeks to have everything in place for the start of school.

Please see below for some key updates:

1. Schedule: Schedule will be shared during class on the first day of school as classes are in-person this year.

2. Teachers: Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to welcome all of our teachers in this new school year. We would also like to introduce additions to our teaching staff. For more information on new teachers across CC and AG campuses, please visit:

3. Bus Service: We are making progress to ensure our bus service meets the requirements and standards set by the county. School bus certification for a driver can take anywhere from 90-120 days. Considering this process just started in the middle of August it is likely that we will not have bus service in the first semester. We will keep the parents apprised of the progress but please be advised that in the interim parents will have to make necessary arrangements.

4. Covid Policy: Please familiarize yourself with our Covid policy as well.

We would like to thank our teachers and admin team for all the hard work they have been able to accomplish in the last two weeks. As the school starts, we will have set office hours for parents in case of inquiries. Please be mindful of the staff time outside of these office hours.

We wish the BHA family a very healthy and prosperous new school year.

JazakAllah Khair,

BHA Admin & BOE

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