BHA Advisory Committees

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Assalam Alaikum –

Alhamdolillah, the school year is in full swing now by the grace of Allah. We, as parents and board members, want to tap in to the numerous resources available within the BHA parent community and Muslim community at large. MashaAllah our community is very diverse in terms of talent and expertise. To take BHA to the next level and make it a model for all private schools in San Diego, we are proposing 3 advisory committees to help provide recommendations to the board on key strategic topics for BHA.

1. BHA Growth Committee: Scope of this committee would be to understand the growth needs at BHA specifically from a space perspective and then make recommendations on capacity, location, etc. As you all know, we now have 2 sections for TK, KG and 1st grade and as these students progress we will need to build more capacity. This committee would come up with recommendations for a 5-year growth plan with an eye on the upcoming school year to suggest changes that need to be made now to get BHA ready for the next year.

2. Student Experience Committee: This committee would ideally be built up of BHA Alumni, parents/teachers and concerned community members. It would make recommendations on changes needed to make the students’ experience at BHA more inclusive, equitable and fruitful.

3. Academics Excellence Committee: This committee would make recommendations on academics to bring it up to par to those at other private schools and, in time, surpass them. This committee should be made up of Academics/Educationists and would make practical recommendations on changes needed in Elementary and Mid/High School programs to help insure BHA is using leading edge pedagogical techniques.

The advisory committees will meet regularly and then share their recommendations with the board. For those interested please reach out to the board (email: on referrals for suitable committee members.

Jazak Allah Khair,


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