Arabic Reading Program 2022 – Kutubee

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Assalamu’alaikum Dear Parents and Students.

We are proud to announce an Arabic Reading Competition for our beloved students!
Program dates: Feb 21, 2022 – Mar 20, 2022

What is the Arabic Reading Competition?
This competition is all about reading for pleasure and improving students’ Arabic reading skills. This program will help your child read more during this time period than they would at any other time!
This competition is for schools in the US and Canada, with special prizes for the winners!

How many stories should your child read?
Your child should read and solve quizzes as many stories as they can. Depending on how many books and quizzes they read and solve, they may be eligible to win with a special appreciation certificates from Noorart.

Where can you find stories?
● Use the Noorart interactive reading application Kutubee, or access the reading platform via the web at noorart.kutubee.comAsk your Arabic teacher for your user ID and password.
● Students can read stories at their level or at different levels if they want.
● Students can browse stories by subjects, age, PYP-Transdisciplinary themes, Arabic levelled reading or publishers.

Reading Competition Strategies
● Explain to your children the importance of reading and encourage them to read every day.
● Read stories daily, print the My Daily Reading Log, and use it to keep track of your children’s progress.
● Encourage your children to finish (at least) 5 stories each week, and use your spring break to read!

Why should you encourage your children to participate in the Reading Competition?
● They can build and strengthen an Arabic reading habit and improve their language skills, which is a lifetime investment!
● If they work hard, they will learn and earn! Prizes await!
● Your child’s participation is needed to support our school to be the winning school in this Reading Competition!

Reading log for the students is attached. Contact your Arabic teacher if you have questions.

Jazakum Allahu khairan.
BHA Admin


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