Science Fair Competition

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As Salamalikum Dear BHA Families,

First, we want to congratulate our students for all the effort they put into their science projects. We recognize their hard work and dedication into this important competition.

Secondly, we want to recognize the parents as well as their mentor for all the work you did supporting your student; all their results are thanks to you all.
May Allah bless you!!

Last but not least, we present to you those students who qualified to compete at still another level:

Sweepstakes Award (the top 4 projects out of 950)
Haya Belbese

Qualified to Compete at Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Fair ( top 10 engineering projects from the county):

1-Ayat Alwazir
2-Mohammad Ibrahim Khan
3-Adam Abdelaal

Advanced to compete at the state level:

1-Farah Aswad
2- Rozita Kareem
3-Solaiman Alwazir
4-Ayat Alwazir
5-Noorah Dhamim
6-Haya Belbese
7-Mumtaz Elmi
8-Shukriya Usman
9-Ayaan Bhatkar
10-Danna Bundogji

Attached to this email are the “Science Fair” results for all our students.

JazakumAllah Khair.
Allied Gardens Administration, 585-250-0972.
Science Fair 2019 Results.pdf

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