Read-A-Thon & Crescent Moon Book Fair

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

As we continue to transition into the autumn season, we are excited to share some wonderful news with you: October is National Book Month! This is a special time when we come together to celebrate the joys of reading and the endless adventures that books offer to our young learners.

At BHA, we believe in fostering a love for reading that goes beyond the classroom. National Book Month provides us with a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of literacy and the many benefits it brings to our children’s development.

Throughout the month of October, the PTO Library Committee and our administration have planned a series of engaging activities and events planned to ignite our students’ passion for books. These include a month-long Read-A-Thon, classroom read alouds, and a Crescent Moon Book Fair at the end of the month. Below are some details of the upcoming events:

Read-A-Thon: Students will be encouraged to participate in an elementary-wide Read-A-Thon. We distributed Reading Logs to all students. These logs will be able to keep track of the “minutes” each student spends engaging with literature. Acceptable “minutes” include independent reading, reading stories with a loved one, bedtime stories, and online reading apps such as RAZ Kids. Parents will be asked to initial next to each entry on the log. At the end of the month, students with the most recorded “minutes” in each class will receive a prize that will include a book of their choice insha’Allah.

Crescent Moon Book Fair: BHA has partnered up with the Crescent Moon Bookstore, a Muslim-owned company that provides books with Muslim characters and themes. From October 23rd through October 27th, BHA will host a Crescent Moon Book Fair at the Clairemont Campus multipurpose room. Students and parents may shop for books at dismissal from Monday to Thursday that week. Each class will also be allotted time to have a class read aloud, followed by a book browse. Please stop by and purchase a book for your child(ren), or as a gift for your class so other students can share the joy insha’Allah.

We are excited to embark on this literary journey with your children and look forward to witnessing their imaginations soar through the pages they read. We at BHA thank you for your ongoing support in nurturing a love for reading in young learners. Together, we can inspire a lifelong appreciation for books and the knowledge they unlock in the minds of our young scholars.


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