Qur’an summer program

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Assalamu alaikum.

Dear parents and students,

You will find attached the summer Hifth program which will help the students, insha’ Allah to progress in their memorization and review. Please follow these instructions:

1 – Register early, so we can plan according to the number of students and their grades.
2 – Pay the school online and note the students’ names and that it is for the hifth summer program.
3 – You will then receive the link to join the class on the times stated in the attached flyer.

Note that reciting the ajzaa’ is going to be before or after these times; you will email to schedule recitation times. Hanan.Deeb@ISSDweb.org

In addition, remember to look for the Summer Qur’an and Islamic Studies Contest that will be sent, insha’ Allah, at the beginning of July.

May Allah help us to help you and reward all of us. Ameen

Jazakumu Allahu khairan.
Summer hifth program 2020 (1).pdf

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