Parenting Workshop By Sr Marwa Abdalla

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Assalamoaliekum Wr Wb,
Hope all of you are doing well with the grace of Allah. InshAllah, Bright Horizon PTO is excited to present a free special workshop for parents:

“Talking About Identity with our Children and Teens” 

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Time:1:30 pm
Location: Multipurpose Room at the Claremont Campus

Presented by Sister Marwa Abdalla

Workshop Description:

Parents communicate with their children from the moment they are born, and arguably, even before that. This communication helps children understand themselves, others, and the world around them. Muslim children growing up in the United States have many unique opportunities; however, they also face numerous challenges.

This workshop examines the importance of talking to children about their identities as Muslims growing up in the United States. It hopes to equip parents with strategies to identify some of the challenges Muslim American children might face related to their cultural, national, religious, and gender identities, and foster confidence and resilience in them to overcome such challenges. We hope you will join us inshaAllah as we explore these very important topics.

The workshop will end with enough time for parents to pick children up from the Allied Gardens campus insha’Allah.

Light Refreshments will be provided.


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