N(J)HS Art Contest & Bazar Donation Deadlines Extended!

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Assalamu alaikum,

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! May Allah (SWT) make it a blessed month and shower all of us with His mercy, forgiveness, health, and free us from the Hell fire.
We have decided to extend the Art Contest due date to April 15th.

The Poem Contest and the Art Contest will both be due on April 15th.

Use the break time to be creative and have a chance to win a prize! Winners will be announced after Ramadan, and they will be rewarded at the NHS bazaar, insha’Allah.

We would also like to announce that we are extending the collection date for the Eid Bazaar to Wednesday, April 12 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm insha’Allah at the ICSD Extension parking lot. We are encouraging you to donate any extra new items or in an excellent shape. All the raised fund will be for charity and Ramadan contests.

If this time does not work for you and you would like to still donate items, please contact us asap at bha.nhs@issdweb.org or bha.njhs@issdweb.org. We will accommodate you as much as possible.


This year’s Ramadan Poem Contest’s themes will be your love for Ramadan, how it will help you get closer to Allah, or describing some ibadat (actions of worship) that you do or plan to do this month.

This will allow students to become more in touch with their feelings and spiritual level to Islam. Insha’Allah, everybody will be granted Allah’s reward.

Required number of lines for the poem:
• 1st and 2nd graders – five lines
• 3rd through 5th graders – nine lines
• Middle – twelve lines
• High school – fifteen lines

• Ramadan, or religion related
• Vocabulary should be suitable to the grade level
• Helping others and using other peoples’ work is not allowed; everything must be authentic and creative in order to win


The theme for this contest is simply to express everybody’s creativity and unique style. Students are only allowed to participate in ONE category.


• Drawing & Arabic Calligraphy: A colored, authentic drawing of Islamic content that has a picture or design (but no live images) and also has Arabic calligraphy. (Computer drawings are not accepted.)
• 3D projects: Ramadan decorated wall/corner at home. TK through 2nd grade are allowed partial help. Handmade decorations out of recycled items are recommended. Email pictures to the email; for elementary, email bha.njhs@issdweb.org, and for middle/high school, email bha.nhs@issdweb.org

May Allah bless your projects and give you and your families and blessed Ramadan!

Jazakumu Allahu khairan

Ms. Hanan Deeb

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