NHS/NJHS – Ramadan Trivia and Ramadan Calendar

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Assalamu Alaikum BHA families,

Ramadan Kareem to everyone. May Allah (SWT) make it a blessed month and shower all of us with His mercy, forgiveness, health, and free us from the Hellfire.

As you all know that the month of Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an, religious studies, and Ibadah. So the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and NHS (National Honor Society) chapters of our school felt that it is a great opportunity to get closer to Allah by increasing our knowledge about our religion and get some extra ajar (reward).

We are planning to start posting Islamic questions every other day during Ramadan to make it more convenient for participants as opposed to our previous year’s schedule. They will be sent out even during weekends and the break using Google Classroom. One to three questions will be posted, and the answers will become visible after the due date.

The points from the trivia will be added and the students with the highest participation and accuracy will be given prizes after the end of the month. There will be mainly multiple-choice questions as well as true or false questions. Inshallah, we hope everyone will take some time out of their day to search online, answer them, and gain the ajr in sha’ Allah.

Google Classroom Codes: Join with first and last name of student!
Grades 6th-11th please join the Google classroom with this code: edzykyi

Grades 3rd-5th please join the Google classroom with this code: dyezlwn

Grades 1st -2nd please join the Google classroom with this code: ciuvmiz

Grades K and TK please join the Google classroom with this code: sbycgiw

We will give until Saturday, April 10th for the students to join so they can see the first set of questions on Tuesday at 7:00 am and they will be due by Thursday and so on.

Additionally, the NJHS chapter would like to acknowledge the aspect of Creating Good Habits during Ramadan. This month of Ramadan is the month when you establish habits for the pleasure of Allah. So, we have created a calendar to access everyday, where you can find a link regarding the habit of the day. Hadith, stories, ayaat, and more will be added day by day so visit it daily insha’Allah.

An email will be sent with the calendar at the start of Ramadan, so keep your eyes open for an email from us, insha’Allah!

If you have any questions regarding elementary please contact us at bha.njhs@issdweb.org
If you have any questions regarding middle and high please contact us at bha.nhs@issdweb.org

Jazakumu Allahu Khairan.

Best Regards,
NHS and NJHS Members

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