MAP Test Results (Fall 2023)

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Assalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

A hardcopy of MAP test results for Fall 2023 have been shared and distributed to all elementary students in first grade and higher. These results include the various tests (Math, Reading, ELA) that your child has taken. Below is a quick breakdown on how to properly analyze the results.

The results page will include each test that your child has taken. The chart on the left show their scores throughout the years (if applicable). The dotted line represents the National Average Achievement and the Percentile shows how your child ranks nationally compared to their peers.

The righthand side tracks the rate of growth on that particular test. The colored bar chart reflects their Growth Percentile ranking, not their achievement ranking. This is an important distinction to be mindful of.

Please let me know if you have any questions insha’Allah, otherwise enjoy your week!


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