Important Updates for 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer break insha’Allah. As we wrap up the year, we would like to announce a few major changes for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.

1) Relocation of 4th & 5th Grade
Allhamdulilah BHA is blessed to be in a state of growth, especially at our elementary level. This growth naturally comes with several logistical components that require changes to be made. One of these changes will be the relocation of 4th and 5th grade to our AG campus insha’Allah. We are currently in the process of adding classrooms to accommodate our relocation. We are also putting measures in place to ensure the safety of our young students as they acclimate themselves to their new campus. These measures include designated spaces for younger grades, staggered breaks/lunches, priority seating on the bus, vigilant staff and security, and more insha’Allah. While a wonderful nostalgic chapter is closing, we’re excited for new beginnings at our AG campus.

2) Schedule Change
Our schedules will also be modified for the upcoming academic year. The new schedules are as follows:

Monday-Thursday Schedule:
Clairemont Campus- 8am-2:45pm (Afterschool begins at 3pm)
Allied Gardens Campus- 8:15am-3pm
4th & 5th- 8:15am-2:45pm

*Friday schedules will remain the same. TK schedules will be slightly modified, details to come soon.

There are many benefits to standard school hours. It reduces student and staff burnout, opens the door to extracurricular activities, and creates a positive school culture that focuses on all aspects of learning. This modified schedule will now reflect standard school hours. Education is holistic and should expand beyond the classroom walls. With this in mind, we will also offer an enhanced afterschool program that will include tutoring and activities. More details about the enhanced afterschool program will be provided in August insha’Allah.

3) Bus Service
We intend to offer a bus service this year insha’Allah. In order to do this, we must gauge the level of interest from our community. If you plan on using the service, please complete the link below. Your responses will determine the need for a bus, and help us finalize the logistics. Please complete the Google Form by July 10th at the latest.

Bus Service Link:

4) Summer Office Hours (Clairemont Campus)
Our office will be closed during the month of July. Please email us if you have any comments and/or questions. Our CC school office will reopen Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm starting on August 8th, 2022 insha’Allah.


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