Hifth Program Registration

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Assalamu Alaikum

I hope that you enjoyed your summer break and Eid and you are fresh and ready for this coming school year.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “Fasting and the Quran will intercede for a person on the Day of Resurrection. Fasting will say, ‘O Lord, I deprived this individual of food and desires during the day, so let me intercede for this person.’ The Quran will say, ‘O Lord I deprived this individual of their sleep at night, so let me intercede for this person.’ Then they will both intercede for this individual.” (Narrated by Ahmad).

Now we are registering for the Hifth Qur’an Memorization Program that takes place at 6:15 AM before school starts.

Please see the attachment for more information about the place, fee, and different options. Space is limited, so submit or email your form to one of the offices as soon as you can. Acceptance is depending on a first come, first served basis.

Jazakumu Allahu khairan
Hifth Form 2019-20.docx

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