Garbage Truck Fire at Clairemont Campus

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

Today a garbage truck caught on fire near the Clairemont Campus parking lot. Police were already on site at the time so the response was immmediate. We want to reassure everyone that this was NOT a security threat and unrelated to any sort of hate crime.

Officers will allow *parents ONLY* to drive onto Eckstrom and enter the masjid parking lot from the usual exit to pick up kids from school. They will NOT allow community members in for Salahtul Jummuah. *Parents only*

Parents please inform the traffic control officer that you’re picking up your child from the school.

Extension lot is also still open however you can only access from the other side, as Eckstrom near Cosmo is blocked.

Please make plans to arrive earlier than usual to pick up your children by pickup time because parking may be difficult, especially because of jummuah. The recycling truck is currently blocking the parking lot entrance.


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