Eckstrom Ave Repaving

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Asaalamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

I hope you all have enjoyed the winter break and got to spend some quality time with your families insha’Allah. I would like to give you a quick update on some construction planned by the City of San Diego.

We have been informed that the city is scheduled to repave Eckstrom Avenue (entrance to the school) on Wednesday and Thursday this week. If it ends up raining tomorrow, they will repave the road on Thursday and Friday. They have approved our request to keep the extension parking lot accessible for drop-off and pick up, but please expect delays.

We originally agreed to get the paving done during winter break, but the rain caused the shift in schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please plan on coming early and detouring to the extension parking lot for the 2 days of construction.


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