COVID – 19 Update

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Assalamo Alaykum, Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe insha Allah. We understand that ICSD has been closed as a precautionary measure. The school however is open, and will continue to remain open for the time being. We are closely monitoring any and all health alerts, and developments in the local area and beyond, including the school districts to make sure we take any steps necessary in a timely manner, when needed insha Allah.
There are two main reasons that would lead to school closure. One, if any staff member or student is known, or suspected to have Coronavirus. Second, if the health officials determine that school closures are needed in the area to prevent spread of the virus.
So far there has only been a single case confirmed in our local area, and again and we are keeping up with any new developments.
Please reach out to us, should you have any questions or concerns. May Allah SWT make things easy for all of us, and help us come through this healthy and strong.

Jazakumullahu Khairan, Wassalaam
Muhammad Aftab Diwan

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