Clairemont Campus Fire Update

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

Shortly before Jummah a garbage truck entered the masjid property. Our security team noticed smoke coming from the back compartment and immediately issued a school-wide lockdown until we assessed the situation. In about 1.5 minutes, every classroom was closed and all students were accounted for, including 2 classes that were outside. We applaud the immediate response of the staff, security team, and the parent volunteers for following the protocol we had rehearsed last month. This false alarm shed light on the effectiveness of our procedures, as well as some areas to improve.

The vigilance of our security team and the presence of a police officer on site led to a very rapid response. The fire department arrived within 5 minutes and were able to put out the fire before the truck ignited. After investigating the situation, it was determined that this incident was not intentional in anyway and jummah, as well as classes, resumed their operations.

We thank our security team, staff, volunteers, police officers, and fire department for their efforts in today’s incident. No individuals were harmed alhamdulilah and we feel reassured that we are taking the right steps to ensure the safety of our precious students.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, have a blessed weekend insha’Allah.

-Mr. Muhammad

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