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Assalam Alaikum,

We are Alhamdolillah starting our second month of the school year soon. Our students are enjoying being back in the classroom with their friends rather than having to take online classes. Just a reminder to please follow all covid protocols detailed at the following link.

Please see below for some key updates:

1. PGA Meeting: BHA PGA Meeting is scheduled for October 20th between Maghrib and Isha prayers (6:30 – 7:30pm). Pls mark your calendars. We will share details on BHA current status and next steps.

2. Administration: Sr. Mayte and Br. Ismael have informed us that they have decided to move on. We want to take this moment to recognize all the contributions that both of them have made towards the school over many years. We also want to introduce our new “Finance and Compliance” lead, Sr. Saira Rao. She will be leading digitization of the school billing and will focus on building processes to ensure that school can run more smoothly. We also had Sr. Hakima start from Monday to help Sr. Mariam with admin tasks. Pls give them a warm welcome. We will share next level details for admin structure at the upcoming PGA meeting InshaAllah.

3. Committees: Alhamdolillah, we have almost finalized the committees and will be sharing the details at the upcoming PGA meeting. Thanks to those who have volunteered. Just as a reminder, we will have 3 committees in place to help guide BHA Growth, Student Experience and Academic Excellence.

4. Tuition Fees: There are many students whose fees are not paid at this time and as a result there is a significant backlog. Please clear any delinquencies at the earliest.

5. Bus to/from MCC: We are polling interest in having bus service to/from MCC. Pls fill in your details at the following link only if you want to use this service.

Our teachers and admin team are doing a great job with the classes. Covid places additional strain on their time so please be mindful of the staff time outside of the office hours.

JazakAllah Khair,


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