BHA/PTO Health & Nutrition Updates

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Asalaamu’ Alaykum wrwb,

BHA and the PTO Health and Nutrition Committee would like to update you on a few changes that focus on the health and well-being of our elementary students. After productive discussions with our wonderful PTO, we have identified a few key areas of improvement. Moving forward we will make the following changes:

1) Healthier Snack Box items– We have now replaced our snack box items with healthier substitutes. Snack box items will be sold for $1/per item.
2) Common Tree-nut Allergies– Our campus strongly encourages parents to avoid bringing in food items that contain nuts of any kind, especially for class events. Each classroom that has a student with a nut or sesame allergy has large green displays outside of their doors. If there is a green allergy sign outside of your child’s classroom, food items containing those allergies will not be permitted.
3) Gift bags– Gift bags from raffles will now have fun school supplies and very limited sweets. If you plan on bringing in treats for the class, we highly encourage healthier foods/snacks or creative replacements.

We understand that moderation is key to a healthy body and mind. We will continue making the necessary changes to make our campus a healthy environment on all levels insha’Allah.

Lastly, we would also like to thank the PTO for raising awareness about important issues and coming up with viable solutions for implementation. An active PTO is an indispensable branch for successful schools and we are very grateful to have a strong PTO alhamdulilah. A few BHA/PTO projects on the horizon will be a uniform policy change for hot weather accommodations in spring, and the building of class libraries in each grade containing Muslim authors, Islamic themes, and Muslim characters insha’Allah. If you want to get involved yourself, please email


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