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Assalamu Alaikum, BHA Families.
Please read our Friday announcements for Allied Gardens campus.

NWEA MAP Science Testing
The MAP testing is now done with only a few makeups to be completed. Therefore, individual student summary reports will be mailed to each family next week, insha’Allah.

BHA Showcase and STEM Activities at MCC
ALL families are encouraged to attend this exciting event on Sunday, April 21, starting at 1:00 PM. BHA will be showcasing their award winning science fair and robotics programs, and science fair winners will be explaining their projects. In addition, there will be STEM activities for the kids!

Sports Day
Jazakumu Allahu khairan to all parents and staff who came together for this wonderful event. Congratulations to all students for their teamwork and good sportsmanship; congratulations especially to the BLUE team for winning the trophy.

Squad Day on Wednesday
The student council is sponsoring another spirit day activity “Squad Day” on Wednesday, April 24. Groups of classmates can coordinate for a “twin” look. Therefore, this day is a non-uniform day. Students must follow all guidelines for non-uniform days.

PSAT Testing on Wednesday – 8th/9th Grade
These students are encouraged to come to school with plenty of sleep and a nutritious breakfast and should be on time. Testing will begin first period and once it has started, no student will be allowed to enter the testing room.

In addition, students should remember their calculators for the math portion and have a book to read. The test is given in sections (reading, language, and math) and students may be waiting if they finish earlier than others for a new session to begin. A book taken out before testing starts is the only activity they can do while waiting.

Camp AYCA, “Work Those Ramadan Muscles”
See the attached flyer at this camp being offered on Sunday, April 28 at San Dieguito County Park. The fun activities, hiking, and speakers all geared towards middle schoolers and up seem like a beneficial program for our students. Some teachers are providing extra credit for those students who attend and reflect on their experience.

Preparing for Ramadan
Just two weeks away. BHA Allied Gardens is planning ways to continue the academic goals, while encouraging the spiritual boost that Ramadan provides. The musalla will be open during breaks and students will be provided with the opportunity to lean up against a pillow and read Qur’an. A few minutes of Qur’an reading will also be attached to the prayer; therefore, students are encouraged to have a hard copy of the Qur’an with them in their backpacks.
Since our campus is only middle and high school students, it is expected that all students will be fasting or at least during school hours. However, there are often cases that prevent a student from fasting and special consideration will be given to these such as a private place to eat during the breaks. Any family that has special cases should please let the office know so that arrangements can be made.

Jazakum Allahu Khair everyone,

Allied Gardens Administration

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