Annual Banquet Update

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Assalamu `alaykum Dear BHA Families,

We would like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to all those who attended and donated towards BHA’s 2023 Annual Banquet Dinner: “Investing in the Next Generation” this past weekend.

Follow the link below to view highlights of the banquet, including a very special recognition to Ms. Monica Al-Amin for her 25 years of service, and counting, and to Ms. Tamador El-Youssef for retiring after 12 years of service to BHA, masha’Allah!

YouTube Mse7h8L9Lbg

Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Allah, and with the generosity and support of our parents and community members, BHA was blessed to raise over $225,000 this year and donations are still trickling in. As discussed during the presentation by the Board of Education, the funds raised will be directly applied toward our $1.4 million loan, as we stay on track to complete our goal of paying off this debt within the next 5 years, bi’idthnillah.

While the event was a huge success for our school, our fundraising goal for this year remains at $275,000. We encourage all parents to continue to help us reach this goal. Please consider donating to BHA via the following links below, insha’Allah.

As a reminder, your donations are Zakaat eligible, and are tax deductible.

Jazakum Allahu Khayr.

With gratitude,
BHA Board of Education & Administration

Methods to Donate:

• Paypal

• Pledge

• Stock Donations: Please contact to donate stocks

• Bill Payment via Online Banking Account:
– Add “Islamic School of San Diego” to your online banking account.
– Use the following address for payment : 7202 Princess View Dr., San Diego, CA 92120.
– Add “2023 Annual Banquet” in memo.
– Can be done once or set it up for automatic monthly scheduled payments

• Cash/Check Donations:
– You may drop off your donations in person at our office at Clairemont campus: 7050 Eckstrom Ave., San Diego, CA 92111.

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