Allied Gardens Sports Day – Tuesday, April 16

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Assalamu Alaikum Allied Gardens BHA Parents,

We are looking forward to our first Annual Sports Day on the Allied Gardens campus next Tuesday, April 16, which will begin approximately at 1:15. We welcome all parents to come and cheer on their child/children and to support all the efforts by volunteers and staff that are being put into making this a memorable event.

To create a team spirit, four teams have been created which are comprised of students from each grade to ensure balanced team levels. Students will be representing their teams through a team color which is indicated on the attached list. Each team will have a group of girls and group of boys who will be competing separately.

All parents and students should see the attached list to know which color team they are representing and try to find clothing in the color. T-shirts and hijabs are especially effective. Parents can also add to the spirit by wearing the color of their students’ team.

Aside from their color, students should come to school with PE attire. For girls,if they have loose pants and a very long tunic top under their jumper, they may remove the jumper for the events.

All students should be sure and bring a water bottle (with frozen water is best), sunscreen, and comfortable running shoes.

We are also very excited that Mr. Muhammad from the elementary campus will be the coach of this event. Insha’Allah, students and parents will come excited and energized for a serious, action-filled, and fun event!

Jazakumu Allahu khairan,
BHA Allied Gardens Admin
Sports Day Teams.pdf

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