AG – Friday Announcements

Assalamu Alaikum, BHA Families.
Please read our Friday announcements for the Allied Gardens campus.

Teacher Appreciation Week
All staff are feeling very appreciated this week and also feel much appreciation for all the wonderful food and kindness from students, parents, and admin. May Allah reward everyone and bless them with much in return.

Ramadan Schedule Starts Monday
Remember to pick up your students at 2:00 from our campus starting next week, or 2:15 from the Clairemont campus. Students will have the same schedule of classes, except each class will be shortened by ten minutes. They will also have the same breaks, except that the longer break will be divided with prayer falling after the last period and right before dismissal.

The musalla will be open during breaks for students who wish to read Qur’an–they can pull out a cushion and get comfortable for reading and reflecting on Allah’s holy book.
Students, remember your Qur’ans for silent reading before prayer. Reading a Qur’an that also has an English translation is recommended if it will help your understanding of the words.

Field Trip – 7th Grade
Jazakumu Allahu khairan to all volunteers who helped provide a wonderful field trip for the 7th grade this week.

California State Science Fair
Congratulations to the ten BHA students who qualified for the state finals and to the five students who placed at this state level:
Rozita Kareem, 1st place
Danna Bundogji, 2nd place
Shukriya Osman, 2nd place
Ayat Alwazir, 4th place
Haya Belbese, 4th place plus special award

Final Exams
Final exams that cover second semester content will be administered in the core subjects the week before Eid vacation (May 28 – 31). A block schedule similar to parent conference days (but with a 2:00 dismissal) is being drafted with approximately one exam per day and will be ready soon, insha’Allah. Each teacher will be providing an overview of the exams in approximately one week, and reviews will be conducted the week before the exams.

Celebration Newsletter
Several students have signed up to contribute something for a newsletter highlighting the many experiences of our first year with our new name, new campus, and new high school. Anyone else who wants to sign up should see Ms. Aisha.

First Monday of May Non-Uniform Day
We stress for all students to follow the guidelines of non-uniform days–loose and long.

Jazakum Allahu Khair everyone,

Allied Gardens Administration

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