Bus Information

The bus reservation system is now open! Please use the link below to submit a reservation request.

Please Note:

• BHA has secured a full-time adult chaperone for the bus, alhamdulillah.
• CC after-school program fees will be waived for the first 30 minutes for any student who is waiting for the bus or their sibling to arrive by bus from AG campus. For these students, after-school program fees will begin to be enforced after the bus arrives.
• Please submit a reservation request, even if you previously filled out the bus interest form. For those parents who previously expressed interest, your child will not be reserved a seat unless you have submitted a new reservation request.

To reserve a seat on the bus:

1.) Parents must fill out the bus reservation form, found here: forms.gle/2bDbgt9XxT2n5waWA
2.) After a reservation request is submitted, BHA will email a Bus Contract & Honor Code form to the email address provided in the request. Please sign the document electronically and submit.
3.) Your child will be assigned a reserved seat only after the electronic forms have been signed and submitted. Seats are assigned by priority and on a first-come first-served basis.
4.) Please look for a confirmation email from BHA notifying you of your child’s bus reservation status.

Bus Schedule

  • Morning Departure:
    • MCC to CC Campus: 7:00AM
    • CC to AG Campus: 7:45 AM
  • Afternoon Departure:
    • AG to CC Campus: 3:15 PM Monday through Thursday, and 1:30 PM on Friday
    • CC to MCC: 3:40 PM Monday through Thursday, and 2:00 PM on Friday
  • Expected Arrival at MCC: 4:10 PM Monday through Thursday, and 2:30 PM on Friday

A bus monitor will assist with entry and exit procedures at CC and AG campus, ensure that student safety is maintained on the way, and monitor student behavior, making sure that they follow all safety rules and regulations.

  • If your student is not going to ride the bus on any day, be sure to email both CC and AG offices.
  • In addition, inform your student; they should not need to come to the office and call their parents to find out if they’re going on the bus or not. It will be allowed only in case of emergencies.