BHA is currently accepting applications for Academic Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, qualified Elementary, Middle and High School Core Subject, Religious Studies, and Arabic Language teachers.

Academic Coordinator

Job requirements & responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Single or multiple subject credentials is preferred
  • Strong management and organizational skills
  • Excellent written, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Periodic visits to classrooms
  • Provide support for and follow up with teachers with various aspects of instructional planning and delivery 
  • Participate in evaluating and making recommendations to improve curriculum
  • Providing support and ensure teachers are using available data to drive instruction
  • Conduct testing and prepare schedules for standardized testing times.
  • Prepare summary reports of tests and academic data
  • Assist the principal in establishing and maintaining discipline throughout the school

Operations Coordinator

Job requirements & responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Develop a strong marketing program for the school by taking advantage of all available resources and help in establishing good communication with parents and the community at large 
  • Oversee admissions, evaluate and improve practices
  • Facilitate, manage, and coordinate school events, extra-curricular activities and field trips
  • Manage the school bus and related matters
  • Document staff attendance, Track and coordinate vacation/sick leave requests
  • Coordinate emergency departures
  • Keep accurate personnel records
  • Coordinate substitute teachers when necessary
  • Develop schedules for classes and activities
  • Review school policies and procedures
  • Review student records and files to ensure completion
  • Assist the principal in tarbiya programs and improving the school culture and overall environment 
  • Monitor textbook, workbook, and consumable orders
  • Manage school technology needs   
  • Conduct Fire earthquake and safety drills
  • Oversee janitorial personnel and ensure a healthy and clean facility
  • Ensure fire and security inspections are successful


General Qualifications:
-A passion for working with young people
-Patient, caring attitude; excellent classroom management skills; and ability to work with children from diverse backgrounds.
-Excellent instructional abilities
-Strong computer and technology skills
-Ability to work collaboratively in a professional learning community
-Excellent written, interpersonal and communication skills
-Bachelor’s degree or higher
-Single or multiple subject credentials is preferred
-1-2 years of experience is preferred

Benefits Include:
-Competitive Salary
-Tuition discount for staff’s children
-Professional development and leadership opportunities
-Paid sick and personal leave
-Health Insurance

To apply send your resume to employment@issdweb.org or apply online here: Employment Online Application

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